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:D This is Super--the third generation riser mount for the AR15's, FAL's, and other rifles. Comes with a unique mounting base to fit on any Picatinny or Weaver rail. Improved design secures side screws and locking plate so that you do not have to remove your scope to remove the mount. Manufactured with a see through design for ideal height, length, and spacing to accommodate most applications. STANAG capabilities. This fully machined alloy mount is matte black anodized finished, and has a multitude of slots for maximum scope ring adjustments. **Call george just $19.99

>>TAPCO sales specialist. 1-800-554-1445 ext 108 Respectfully, George

>>>Attention Dealers and Gun Show Sales-Quanity Discounts are Available to Increase your Profits

>>Dealer Hot line 1-800-250-3757 ext 108 George or [email protected]
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