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The Mark III is the simplest version of the STEN and was in fact, made by toy makers. This was a gun that sent fear into enemy’s hearts and minds. Designed for mass production, low cost, and close range battles. Its’ high firepower and sheer volumes in the hands of Allies are what helped win World War II. It is most recognized for its fixed barrel and the all-in-one body casing. The STEN MK3 is known around the world for its simplistic design and the 9mm 32 round magazines being fed from the left side of the weapon. It came complete with fixed sights, shoulder stock and some of the parts were even interchangeable with other models.

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All of the guns have been de-milled (no longer a firearm) to meet BATF regulations. Please note that these kits have been torch cut. In years gone by we were able to uncover large caches of these fine pieces of history. Now when we are able to find them they are in small lots. Fewer and fewer are uncovered during our quests to locate the finest military gear. With that said we want you to know up front that we can not take back orders. Once this small lot is gone, we can't guarantee the future availability of these collectors’ items. All NFA rules apply. Magazine not included. Can not be sold in Washington state.
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