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They Are Here and Ready to Ship---
Still Using the Standard CAR Stock?

Make the switch to TAPCO's T6 stock - Proudly made in the U.S.A.

***Call george Just $49.99

>>TAPCO sales specialist. 1-800-554-1445 ext 108 Respectfully, George I can accept Pay Pal too..

>>>Attention Dealers and Gun Show Sales-***Quanity Discounts are Available to Increase your Profits

>>Dealer Hot line 1-800-250-3757 ext 108 George or [email protected]

Manufactured out of a heavy-duty composite to ensure high quality and strength

Perfect for military and police applications - adjusts to body armor with six (6)-position adjustable stock

Includes all necessary parts - precision machined aluminum tube, recoil buffer and spring

Ergonomically designed for better comfort

Textured lever to prevent slips when you need it the most

Section .922 applies

*Caution: The Assault Weapons Ban is over, but 922R is still in effect! You are still required to have the appropriate number of compliance parts.
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