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I am changing era interests again, so offer the following:

All prices negotiable. Shipping included. Must be sent to FFL or C&R license holder, whichever is eligible, or pick up/delivery in person (east-central IN, west-central IL). Eligible trade items at the bottom. Digital pics available upon request. Email me in person, please. I will post items spoken for as soon as possible.

1) Uberti 1873 Winchester octagon barrel rifle (not carbine) in .44-40. Lyman #2 tang sight, Lyman fold down rear sight and globe front sight. No BP ever fired in it. $750

2) Pedretti & Sons 1874 Sharps. Octagon barrel in .45-70. Pedersoli rear tang sight, globe front sight. Has had no BP fired in it. Factory ammo available at extra cost. $550

3) M1884 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle. Front sight cover. Repro sling, 2 bayonets. One with leather frog, one with brass frog. M1879 tool and late-type broken cartridge removal tool. Lyman 500 gr. mold, Lee 5 piece die set(a la Wolf). Loaded 500 gr. arsenal spec. ammo available at extra cost. $775

4) M1873 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine made from rifle. Barrel correctly tapered and correct length (by S&S Firearms) with repro front sight. Original front sight cover. Repro carbine sling, wide version, carbine buttplate with sliding door. No hole in stock for rod. Repro 3-piece cleaning rod, saddle ring, original two-pin tool and early style broken cartridge removal tool. 405 gr. mold. Loaded 405 gr. arsenal spec. ammo available, at extra cost. $650

5) M1879 Remington Rolling Block No.1 Spanish Contract Rifle in .43 Spanish caliber. Repro sling. Barrel trimmed about 1/2" and re-crowned. Lyman mold, Lee .43 Spanish dies, 18 original UMC rounds in original cardboard box. 20 new unprimed Bell Brass cases, small quantity of loaded rounds. $600

6) 1800's Belgian Royal Arms Factory .12 gauge side by side outside hammer shotgun. Shortened barrels. Has a few dings and dents. For BP or reduced recoil loads only. $100

7) Pietta 1858 steel frame Remington Revolver with R&D .45 Colt conversion cylinder. Oklahoma leather loop belt with converted black flap holster. Original to gun percussion cylinder, also. Has 1877 silver dime for front sight blade. Works pretty neat! $300

8) Uberti 1873 Cattleman Colt clone. .44-40 with 7.5" barrel. Oklahoma leather loop belt with slim jim holster. $300

9) Armi San Marco 1851 Navy Colt cartridge conversion in new style reloadable .44 Colt caliber. Oklahoma leather loop belt with modified black flap holster. Modified 44 Special Lee dies. About 1000 rds. of Starline brass were initially loaded. A handful have been fired. If seriously interested I will count them. $400

Would like to trade for:

G or K-43,G or K-43 Sniper, WWII M1 Garand, 1891/30 Mosin-Nagant original Sniper, K98k Sniper, Kar98b, Gew 98, Gew 98 Sniper, P-38, P-08 Luger, 9mm non-Chinese Broomhandle, No.4T Enfield Sniper, '03-A3 Springfield Sniper, '03 Springfield, Auto-Ordnance semi-auto Thompson Tommy gun, New Rock Island or Springfield .45 Colt semi-auto, G33/40. Also want German re-enactment gear. Let's deal!

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