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wussy Win White box 223 is [email protected], 16"

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barrel. Load same bullet to NATO spec 5.56 pressures, and it will be 3000+ fps in 16". just goes to show how IGNORANT most people are about 223 and "short" barrels. :)
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Which One? There are 3 55gr FMJ ones listed by Winchester.

2 are plain "White-BOx 223 listed with a "R" prefix which are 3240-fps The other one is the "Q" prefix with a 3270-fps listing.

Now if we go and look at "NATO SPEC" here what we find 3280 listed for the M-193 out of a 20" barrel and an already dismal 3020 from a 14.5" bbl M-4.

Looking at the difference between them for the "Q"-load and the "NATO"-load we find HOLY CRAP!!! 10-FPS DIFFERRENCE!!!!!!!! OH NO!!!! The world is coming to an end. :nyah:

Just for grins you know what the FIRST listed velocity was for M-193 was? 3250-FPS according to the time line of 5.56 develpoment listed at the Gun Zone site. :dgrin:
And if it barely gets 2900 to 3000 fps from a 16 inch, just think of what pitiful velocity it gets from a 11 inch CAR. The CAR is a losers weapon. Might as well get an SKS.
Hey, now, the CAR is an excellent pistol!
It's got MORE range than any lever action has, any AK or sks has, any 30 Carbine has, by a LOT, in fact,and 20+million guys in US THINK THOSE guns are worth a crap. In fact, a MATCH 11" CAR, scoped has CONSIDERABLY more effective range than all but the very best milsurp bolt actions have, using their typical ball ammo and iron sights. That's ANOTHER 10 million guys who THINK that they have a "long range" rifle. Then there's the 10million or so guys who DO have scoped commercial bolt actions, but don't have a CLUE how to make them hit anything, at ANY longer ranges than the Match 11" CAR can. Specifically, such a gun has no trouble at all hitting 10" gongs at 300m, staying on 12"x24" torsos at 400 yds, etc, MANY a scoped M700 owner can't do anything of the kind, without his sandbagged bench rest.
typical 11" CAR will group 5" at 200m, with match ammo, scope, trigger job. you'd be THRILLED to have an 8" barreled revolver that grouped 5" at 100m, much less YOU have such ability WITH it.
Please post the source of your statement, to include but not limited to , publication, chapter, page number. Thank you. Also I'm sure you would be unpleasantly surprised at what I can do with my M700.
So a pos CAR is supposed to "In fact, a MATCH 11" CAR, scoped has CONSIDERABLY more effective range than all but the very best milsurp bolt actions have, using their typical ball ammo and iron sights."

I see dumbkid has his 'MATCH' CAR with a scope, but the bolt rifle with ball ammo and iron sights. That's dumbkid's idea of a comparing two guns.

The CAR is still a losers weapon, dumbkid. Face it. SatCong has the right idea.
WTF is a "Match 11 CAR"? What kind of wet-dream thinking is this $hit?

If anyone showed up in match competition at any distance with that freakinstein creation they'd be laughed off the firing line.
LOL, bragging about his "match 11' CAR" getting 5" groups at 200 yards. . .LOL, and then tries to make that look like it's worth a sh!t by comparing it to a revolver! See? even he knows his POS is just a glorified pistol!
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