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and 10.5" barrel AR will deliver 2550 fps with 60 gr Nosler Partition. Using the longer, bthp 69 gr sierra, the bullet is longer, so you have to hold the charge down to 24 grs and that reduces velocity to 2450. Figure possibly 50 fps less, if you have a poor barrel.

Zero the scope at 300 yds with the bthps and you can hold on the top of head at 400 yds, hit the guts.

zero the "long range" wing of the peep sight at 200 yds with the partition sp's, and zero the v notched, "normal range" of the shorty AR at 50 yds with the 60 gr Aquila .22 subsonic loads. Use the appropriate sight for your ammo in the gun, and know where to hold for various ranges. Simple, effective setup. One knee kowtows will suffice, cause I'm a magnanimous sort of guy. :)

The shorty AR hits just as hard as a 4" .44 mag revolver, using factory ammo. So WHY is the .44 so "wonderful" and the 223 shorty 'feeble and short ranged"? cause 223 detractors are stupid, that's why

I used JB weld to build up "ears" on the v notched peep sight, blackened it with majic marker. Cause it's protected in the carrying handle, the epoxy is ok, and if it did happen to fall off, you've still got the peep sight. gotta carry super glue in BOB anyway, for wounds.

have "see thru" base on the scope. If you have any sense, you won't be in open country in daylight, anyway, so the scope would normally not be on the rifle. Instead, wear it in a hard belt case. 2x7 Leupold Compact is what you want. It serves fine as a substitute for binocular. :)
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