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ww2 &since, rifle's 10% of casulties, modern

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battlefield. Belt fed is also about 10%, "friendly" fire, accidents and disease are at LEAST 10% of the casulties, and the remaining 70% are from fragmentation weapons, fire, building collapse, and similar stuff. The rifle doesn't really amount to a rat's ass in the overall scheme of things. Few guys ever SEE the enemy, well enough for an aimed shot, and even fewer WILL shoulder the rifle, aim, and fire to kill another man. Most of those who DO so fire, SUFFER for having done so, psychologically, and those who don't are the sort of scumbag that beats his woman and kids, steals from friends and relatives, drives drunk, etc.
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Maybe you should turn on the news for a change, its interesting. It appears that US Soldiers are limited to rifles, handguns, shotguns and limited pyrotechnics in Iraq these days. This is to cut back on collateral damage. Try paying attention for a change gunkid!

Oh by the way, when your talking about scum, don't forget the scumbags that abandon their children.
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