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223 fan said:
farmand ranch and family, and CHASE every guy who pops a cow. I got news for you, EVERYBODY is going to be shooting your cows, and shooting YOU TOO,if you give them ANY chance at doing so. no, you AINT tracking anybody in the dark, and he can lay for you EASILY if you try it in daylight. He can also shoot ALL your horses, BEFORE running away, and he can just WAIT for you to come find OUT that he's shot one of your cows. He can BURN your place before leaving, too, in order to keep you busy while he splits. Your dogs WILL be hungry enough to eat a "meat ball" full of broken glass, count on that. A LITTLE bit of antifreeze will do for them too. It tastes sweet, so they LOVE it.
he's going to be busy, shooting everyone's horses and poisoning everyones dogs, etc. You might beable to pull it off for a single ranch. But then when 5 or 10 decide to not be your next victims, having more then enough manpower to stay rested while keeping the pressure on you, having more than enough manpower to know their homesteads are still being protected, you will just be another dead fool who thought he was superman.

Stupid GK, just stupid.

If the fantasy helps you feel good about yourself, then good for you.

Doesn't make your ramblings any less stupid though.

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