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yes, a flopping around man, with a gun

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in his hand, IS still a threat, at 20 ft or so, and can easily remain so for minutes. after he's wounded, at such ranges. He is NOT, however, a threat to anyone who's at 500m, using cover, or is just head on prone, for that matter. Since you shouldn't be offering any more of a target than that, you ARE safe at such a range, from such a wounded man. So it IS ok for the rifle to have no more power than that, at such ranges. It will suffice to kill the SOB, eventually, and that's all that's really needed.
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Yes but YOU have to be able to hit at that range.:D
Given your lack of proven marksmanship skill it is understandable that you would only wound an opponent. Those of us that actually practice on a regular basis won't have that problem if the balloon ever goes up.
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