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yes, lots have survived without real

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skill, or a powerful, controlable load. Guess what? Lots MORE have survived with NO GUN AT ALL. It's called "luck". :)
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Personally I would rather depend on knowledge, people that throw the dice with their lives generally don't get a second opportunity to pick up the dice.
surviving without a gun doesn't necessarily mean luck.

Knowledge and skills are more valuable than a gun.

You should be prepared and capable of surviving without your guns.

Whether they are damaged, out of ammo, lost (stolen, taken, whatever) failing to plan is failing to survive.

Takes more than a gun to survive. To you 'real skill' is just quick draw shooting.

Your rifle will be used 1/1000th of the time, yet your knife, your sleeping bag, etc will be used constantly. These are all items that you neglect.

You haven't even tried the 'gear' you promote under real world conditions, otherwise you'd know how utterly screwed that poncho/hammock setup is in cold weather.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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