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Looks like they figured it all

UFOs are Saddam's secret - UFO watchers claim
21 March 2003

President Bush decided to attack Iraq because he was scared Saddam Hussein would use technology from a crashed alien spaceship, UFO watchers claim.

But the dictator doesn't want "Dubya" getting his hands on the space-age technology, says a professed Kiwi UFO expert.

He and his fellow space-case managers say a UFO crashed in Iraq in 1998.

Top American secret agents have been worried since then that Iraqi president Saddam would break it down to find out how to build his own spaceship and weapons, they claim.

Wellington UFO believer Bre said President Bush wouldn't be told about the spacecraft.

"Normally the president of the USA doesn't have a security clearance high enough to be in the know about all the Black Operations projects.

"You have to have MK Ultra clearance, before you are given access to such things as reverse engineering alien technology," Bre said.

George Dubya's father George Bush senior - who was president during the last Gulf war in 1991 - was a former head of the CIA.

Apparently he told his son.

And somehow Bre - who doesn't have a last name - has found out about the UFO conspiracy.

"Bush senior was privy to info that he wouldn't normally have access to," Bre told Truth.

The Americans should be careful in case Saddam already had alien weapons technology, Bre said.

"I imagine Saddam would delight in knocking the USA's airforce out of his skies," he said.

He forwarded Truth an email from an American UFO watcher.

She claimed President Clinton almost attacked Iraq in 1998 after Saddam threw out United Nations weapons inspectors.

But Clinton decided against it at the last minute.

He was scared Saddam already had alien technology, she claimed.
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