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Who doesn't enjoy a few good "Yo momma" jokes?

-Yo momma so fat that when she walked outside in a redshirt everyone yelled, "HEY KOOL-AID!"
-Yo momma so fat that when she sat on a quarter, she squeezed a booger outta George Washington's nose.
-Yo momma so fat that when she stepped on a scale it said, "One at a time please."
-Yo momma so fat that when she sat on a dollar she got 4 quarters back.
-Yo momma so fat her blood type is Ragu.
-Yo momma so poor she lives in a 2-story Dorito bag.
-Yo momma so poor she drives a 2-door potato.
-Yo momma so dumb that when she went to the movies and it said under 17 not admitted, she went home and got 16 of her friends.
-Yo momma so fat that when she fell and broker her leg, hershey's syrup poured out.

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How about these:

Yo mamma so fat when she goes to a restaurant they dont give her a menu; they give her an estimate.

Yo mamma so fat that when she got that flesh eating bacteria the doctor told her she had 13 years.

Yo mamma so fat that her senior picture is an aerial view.

Yo mamma so fat her drivers license pic says continued on back.


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Yo mam's so fat, when she hauls ass, she has to make two trips.

You mam's so fat, they have to hire rodeo clowns to distract her when the food comes in.

In closing, Rob Hill (for downing Janeway) I could have been your daddy, but the monkey beat me up the stairs. LOL

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Yo momma so poor she can't even pay attention.

Yo momma like a gumball machine, for a quarter EVERYBODY gets a blow.

Yo momma so hairy, bigfoot takes pictures of HER.

And Richard Mott's Apple Sauce, that was a good one man! It was so funny I almost fell off yo momma. LOL

All in good fun bud:D

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It was so funny I almost fell off yo momma. LOL
Now that cracked me up!

Yo mama's like a shotgun, one cock and she blows.

Yo mama's like a race car, she burns through 40 rubbers a night.

Yo mama's like a doorknob, everyone gets a turn.

Not even doorknobs are safe around yo mama.

All in good fun bud
Of course it is. :)

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-Yo momma glasses so thick she looked at the sun and her eyebrows caught on fire.

-Yo momma so fat her belt size is equator.

-Yo momma so fat, that when she sits around the room, she sits AROUND the room.

-Yo momma so fat her a$$ has it's own zip code.

-Yo momma so fat she uses two greyhound buses for rollerblades.

-Yo momma breath stinks so bad they put a manhole cover on her mouth.

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-Yo momma so fat that when she went in for a liposuction, they had to use a fire truck.

-Yo momma so 'flicted she got a wooden leg with a birdhouse in it.

-Yo momma so 'flicted she got a glas ti**ie with a screw on nipple.

-Yo momma so big she uses a mattress for a maxi pad.

-Yo momma so fat she puts mayonnaise on her tylenol.

-Yo momma so fat that when she blew her nose, jello came out.

-Yo momma got crabs so big red lobster's after them.

-Yo momma ****y is so dirty her crabs ride dune buggies.
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