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I thought about putting this in the 50BMG section but this is such a hybrid that I thought if would fit better here. The following is from the Cabelas catalog.

Spider Firearms Ferret 50

The Ferret 50 conversion kit contains everything needed to transform your existing AR15/M16 into a highly accurate devastatingly powerful 50BMG bolt action rifle. The lock assembly is crafted of the highest grade 4140 and 4130 chrome-moly steel using the latest cad/cam software. Its a 3 lug pattern engineered to withstand four times the force exerted by the BMG. The Lothar Walther barrel is also made of chrome-moly steel. It has an adjustable headspace, 1 in 15 twist, match chamber that accepts military and match ammunition. Plus its free floating in the vented handguard. A threaded muzzle break sports an 8 degree fan pattern to deflect blast and shockwave away from you and adjoining shooters. The aircraft grade steel bipod attaches quickly with 3 screws and boasts adjustable, lockable legs. Each kit is test fired and closely inspected before shipping and comes with everything needed to complete conversion, including bolt assembly, barrel, muzzle break, bipod, quick-pull takeown pins, replacement hammer and detailed instructions. Lower assembly not included. Parkerized finish. Weight after conversion 22 lbs. Length after conversion 53 inches. Cost is $1799.99 plus shipping.

I wonder how the AR15 lower unit, being made of cast machined aluminum, would stand up to all the pounding that the 50BMG ctg gives. Then too, you have to change out the regular hammer for their special hammer which means that you can't quickly convert the lower back into a regular rifle.

Add $400 - $500 for a dedicated lower unit and your cost approaches $2200 - $2300. I think that I will pass and save for a real rifle like a Barrett if I wanted a 50.

What do you guys think from the engineering stress viewpoint and from the practical/tactical side?

BTW, Cabelas offers the 50 Beowolff Entry kit for only $679.99. (Think I'll pass on that one too). :D

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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