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There seem to be several different manufacturers doing an AR15 upper that shoots the .50BMG. I had the same thoughts about the lower holding up, but so far have not heard of a single instance of a problem. Some of them are quite impractical, in my opinion, as the method you need to employ in order to load a round is quite time consuming. I was never very keen on a shell holder style loader, but one or more of them are even more cumbersome than that.

But I do believe there is even a unit available that acts like a standard bolt action and even has a magazine that protrudes from the side.

But as was mentioned above, if you are going to shoot the .50BMG, maybe you should consider getting a real rifle to do so. About the only advantage I can think of an upper receiver is that you can get one without having to do the paperwork for getting a whole new rifle. With talk of laws being passed to ban the fifties, some people may consider this as a viable option.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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